Learn 3D Modeling!

You will learn how to get started with Maya and be introduced to the interface, create objects, edit objects, and much more

Recommended Courses

Introduction to Substance Designer

A Beginner's Tutorial that teaches the fundamentals for how to get started with Substance Designer. No prior knowledge is required to follow along.  

Introduction to 3D Modeling

Fully Narrated Instructional Videos with step by step instructions on how to get started with 3D Modeling. No prior knowledge is expected.Learn the basics with hands-on examples that cover the most used modeling tools found within Autodesk Maya.

Stylized Game Asset Creation

Fully Narrated instructional videos on how to create a Stylized Game Weapon.Learn how to model, Uv, prepare model for sculpting, and texturing the model with a full workflow series of videos.

Stylized Smart Material 2.0- for substance 3d painter

Easy to use material which allows you to quickly texture stylized models. Perfect for stylized PBR or hand painted art style. Use this across multiple models to keep your workflow consistent!

How to Make a Stylized Outdoor Environment from Start to Finish

A Complete Course that teaches how to easily create a simple Stylized Outdoor Environment from start to finish. Step by step instructions on how to model, sculpt, texture, and put everything together into a scene with Unreal Engine

Hard Surface Production Modeling and Rendering

This in-depth video tutorial shows how to create a clean, production-ready, medical drone robot completely from scratch with Autodesk Maya. Video series also includes steps on how to create a production ready render of the model using Arnold in Maya.


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